Our Story

Mommy Made It is the brainchild of its Founder Siddharth Shah but the heart and soul of the company is his mother. She is the one who holds the wand and creates the magic with her rejuvenating recipes.
The journey began when Siddharth moved to London for his Master’s. London gave him everything he was looking for, except for one thing – his mom’s delicious food. Siddarth’s health conscious personality prevented him from eating outside but his unsuccessful attempts at showing of his MasterChef skills got his mother worried. It’s when his mother decided to come to his rescue and start sending him his“Maa ka Pyaar” (Motherly love) every month in the form of her home cooked food.
However, there was a problem. The food sent to him, perished even before Siddharth could satisfy his craving. It was then, when Siddharth decided to find a solution and come up with a way to bring his most desired food to London without letting the food perish. And soon came into being “Mommy Made It”.